[solving it] was founded on the 18th of April 2002 by me, Jens Jakob Teislev. It was, and is now again, 100% a private enterprise aimed at selling my skills within IT and self-storage consultancy.

Between 2004 and 2007 we had the European franchise for the top-selling US self-storage management system SiteLink. As a self-storage consultancy company, we were involved in advising and sharing ideas between European self-storage operations. In 2005/6 we assisted US based JKIP in launching their GlobalBox Self-Storage chain in Madrid, Spain.

Since 2002 we have worked on developing simple and easy-to-use websites at competitive prices, primarily using content management systems like Joomla! and WordPress in doing so.

I hope you will appreciate the work we and I have done – and I look forward to working with you!